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My name is Dina and I'm currently a student at the New Media Design and Web Dev program at BCIT. With a love for user friendly layouts and contemporary design, I strive to create content that not only looks good but also has strong branding and provides a great user experience.

I'm always working on improving my knowledge in the field and finding new techniques or tools to work with. I'm versed in In my spare time I like to play videogames, watch movies and edit videos.

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Avo Organics

Promotional poster
Front and back of businesscard

This is a identity package created for a project in school, for a fictitious skincare company named Avo Organics. The objective was to create a package that would promote the company, as well as emphasize its brand.

Because Avo Organics is a line of avocado-based organic skincare products, I wanted the logo design to emulate that, and to make it evident to viewers at first glance why the company is called Avo Organics. The inspiration was primarily drawn from korean skincare brands that heavily feature cartoon animals, and the feel of the branding should be bright and happy.

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Autovan Car rental

This is a website created for Autovan, a fictitious car-rental company in Vancouver. The objective was to create a modern-looking website that was user-friendly and easy to navigate, but would encompass all the necessary information in a minimalistic design, and provide a seamless user experience for the end goal.

You can view the live website here

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Momonga Boutique

This was a collaboration project created for a fictional website called Momonga Boutique, a Japanese clothing store’s Canadian branch, and was one of the final deliverables as part of the New Media Design program in term 3.

I was responsible for the coding of the website (which at this point in time is static), which is done utilizing bootstrap, html and css, as well as content placement and optimization for the web. Katelyn Middlesteadt is the Project Manager, Leah Kim is responsible for the content and Megumi Shimada created the logo and branding.

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Green Spaces

This is a branding logo project created in class for a fictional organic health food company called green spaces. The inspiration for this design came from the molecule structure of an organic apple, with one of the molecules also displaying as a red apple.

The color palette features green and red, both of which are prominent colors in nutritional, organic food.

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Saturn Investigations Newsletter

This is a branding project created for Saturn Investigations, a fictional Private Investigator firm in Vancouver, and features a digital newsletter optimized for both reading pads and pdf. The look and feel of the newsletter needed to be kept professional but at the same time contemporary, to avoid making the company come off as parody.

The chosen color palette was a mixture of different hues of blue, black, white and grey. The logo for the firm was created in the same color-way, and is inspired by the planet Saturn to symbolically Content was purposefully divided into a chunky layout and divided up into separate fields to maximize reading capabilities and speed.

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Spoonful of Sugar, glutenfree bakery

This was a promotional poster project in school for a fictional gluten-free bakery called Spoonful of Sugar, where I worked according to the client's specifications. She wanted a bright poster going in warm colors, with her creative requirement being turqouise. This was incorporated into the name of the company, and the poster was created in a apricot color for neutral warmth.

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